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Adjusted Completion % Coming into NFL:

Deep passing (20+ yards):

Mitch Trubisky40.8%
Justin Fields59.4%

Intermediate passing (11-20):

Mitch Trubisky68.4%
Justin Fields80.7%

Short passing (1-10 yards):

Mitch Trubisky83.2%
Justin Fields85.6%

Allen Robinson has had some of the worst luck in the NFL when it came to QBs.

Mitch Trubisky has consistently been one of the least accurate QBs in the NFL over the past three seasons. Here are his ranks in adjusted completion percentages in the NFL:

Min. 250 dropbacks
2020: 32 of 35
2019: 28 of 32
2018: 29 of 33
2017: 27 of 32

In comes an extremely accurate QB in Justin Fields, and as you can see in the graphic above, he is coming into the league accurate at every single level.

Robinson has been QB proof, still finishing as the WR7 in both 2020 and 2019.

Some might say that Robinson has already hit his ceiling, but he truly has Top-3 fantasy upside.

If he was able to get it done in such a big way with that type of QB play, imagine what he can do with someone who can hit him accurately on every level.

Robinson was 3rd among all WRs in contested catches, and while that speaks to his skillset, Robinson was also given the most contested targets among all WRs as well.

The hope is that Fields can hit him more consistory en route, which can lead to more yards after the catch as well.

Not only that, but ARob hasn’t hit his TD upside. He was tied for 3rd in the NFL with 16 end zone targets, but came down with only 5 TDs from them.

You likely won’t have to pay more for Robinson in fantasy drafts because of the switch at QB, but I might be targeting him more often than I would have if the Bears didn’t improve their QB situation.

And yes, even Andy Dalton’s accuracy was way better in 2020 than any of Trubisky’s years in the NFL.