The Falcons also signed Jovian Hawkins after the draft, who at first glance, seems like a decent complement to Mike Davis. We’ll see if he can impress in camp.

All of last year’s relevant Falcons RBs are gone; Todd Gurley, Ito Smith, and Brian Hill are all free agents.

We all know that Davis filled in for Christian McCaffrey very nicely last season on all three downs.

It’s still early, but it’s also interesting that the Falcons didn’t address the RB positions with any of their 9 draft picks.

Among all RBs with 160+ carries, Davis ranks 2nd overall (to Nick Chubb) in missed tackles/rush. He had more missed tackles in the pass game than Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt, and Aaron Jones, according to PFF.

At the end of the day, he’s creating for himself in both the run and pass game. With the type opportunity on the table, that adds up to RB1 production, and we saw it last season.

A lot of offseason left… we’ll see how the Falcons choose to address the position.