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If you’re looking for a late round tight end, Adam Trautman has to be considered at the top of your list.

When looking for a late round TE, there’s no point in finding someone who will be a Top-12 TE, or just merely a TE1. No, you gotta look for someone who has the upside to break into the Top-5 at the position. Outside of Kelce, Waller, and Kittle, the door is wide open at the TE position.

The Saints traded up into the 3rd round to get Trautman in the 2020 draft… and they gave up the rest of their Day 3 picks to get him. Can you imagine a team giving up the rest of their four draft picks to grab a guy? It’s safe to say they were high on him.

And for good reason. Trautman was PFF’s #1 rated overall TE, and #1 rated receiving TE in his final college season in 2019.

He’s a big receiver, a great athlete, and can be an end zone weapon at the very least.

The Saints lost Jared Cook, they cut Josh Hill, which leaves Trautman as their clear TE1. And there’s no doubt that he’ll be their pass-catching TE, with him running a route on 82.5% of his pass snaps in his rookie season.

Sean Payton has always prioritized having a good pass catching TE. Jimmy Graham was the best example of a successful one, but he’s taken his shots – signed Coby Fleener to a big contract, which didn’t work out, and then signed Jared Cook to a sizable deal as well. And then he gives up a boatload of picks to get Trautman.

If Jameis Winston is their QB, we know that he has been most effective when targeting TEs. Before he played for Bruce Arians, Winston had a passer rating of 120.7 when targeting the TE position, which was 2nd best over the last 10 years (per PFF).

Will you be waiting on Trautman in your drafts this year?