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Antonio Gibson is being taken too early.

As talented as he is, and as much as we want him to be THE guy in this backfield, JD McKissic is going to be involved as the primary pass-catcher.

It seems like McKissic was only on the field because of Alex Smith, but outside of the five planned starts/finishes for Smith in 2020 and the games Gibson missed, McKissic averaged 50% of snaps.

McKissic is still on the team. With an early 2nd round ADP, we’re expecting Gibson to play more snaps and have a bigger role in the passing game.

Why? Gibson is talented enough to be a 3-down back. But I’m not sure it’s in the cards for him unless McKissic gets hurt. Remember, McKissic was actually 1st on the depth chart for Washington in training camp, and we all laughed at it.

He ended up proving coaches right as the primary pass-catcher; he was 4th in yards/route run among the 9 RBs with 60+ targets last year. He also ran the most routes of any of these RBs, making that a bit more impressive. He was also WFT’s primary pass blocker.

If Gibson doesn’t get legitimate passing game work, he doesn’t have top-5 fantasy potential.

Washington also signed one of the most production college RBs in Jaret Patterson, who reminds Ron Rivera of Darren Sproles.

Do I think Gibson is an every down back? Yes. Do I think these coaches agree with using him that way with their current personnel? No. Not yet, until I hear otherwise.

Gibson can definitely finish as a RB1 on a potentially much-improved offense, but I find it very hard to draft Gibson over studs like DK MetCalf, Calvin Ridley, Darren Waller, and AJ Brown. That’s the range where he’s going in real best ball drafts.

Can you justify taking Gibson that early?