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Lamar Jackson’s ADP was in the 2nd round last year. Might seem crazy looking back on it now, but the market decided his price.

What changed? He didn’t separate himself enough from the rest the high-end QB1s this past season, especially in the beginning of the year.

From Weeks 1-11, he was the QB11 in FPPG. That’s a lesson in thinking twice before drafting a player at his absolute ceiling, especially at a position where there historically isn’t too much of a difference between a low-end QB1 and a mid-QB1.

He went on the COVID-19 list for one week, and then balled out the rest of the year. From Weeks 12-17, he was the QB1 in FPPG, averaging almost 28 FPPG in standard QB scoring – what he was averaging during his historic 2019 season.

The upside is still there for three rounds cheaper than we were willing to pay last year. During that 6 game span at the end of the year, Jackson was averaging 86 yards rushing.

In 2019, Lamar was in a class of his own; he was the only QB to average more than 22 FPPG in standard QB scoring.

In 2020, 9 QBs averaged more than 22 FPPG in standard QB scoring.

In 2018, one guy – Patrick Mahomes.

In 2017, one guy – Deshaun Watson.

In 2016, one guy – Aaron Rodgers.

In 2015, one guy – Cam Newton.

In 2014, one guy, barely – Aaron Rodgers.

In 2013, you got me. Two guys, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

2020 was an anomaly of QBs absolutely destroying the league. Not likely to happen again.

Because Lamar Jackson has such a high rushing floor, he has a better chance than most to be in that rare company once again.

Rashod Bateman is that dude – he has the makings of a true WR1 in the NFL, and that’s going to help Jackson out a ton. Hollywood Brown getting less attention has to be talked about more as well. Tylan Wallace is a contested-catch monster, and Sammy Watkins improves the WR room as well.

Also, have you seen Lamar Jackson lately? Dude put on some muscle – he’s planning on continuing to run the damn rock.

Are you taking advantage of the Lamar discount this year?