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Devonta Smith seems to be the clear WR1 on the Eagles going into 2021. According to reports, Jalen Reagor will be the primary slot WR while Smith gets his chances there too, with Travis Fulgham as their other outside WR in 11 personnel.

The separation in target share between Smith and the rest of the WRs might be the biggest of any rookie WR, including Ja’Marr Chase, who has two very legit complements in Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd. The Bengals pass-heavy offense is definitely more fantasy friendly, but Chase is being drafted a couple of rounds above Smith, while ambiguity of who will lead the Bengals in targets shall continue until Week 1.

There’s not as much ambiguity with Smith in terms of target share, whose potentially elite separation skills can outweigh his lack of size. His role and performance in OTAs so far seems as though he’s headed to be their clear WR1.

I can see the target pecking order going Smith -> Goedert -> Reagor (slot) -> Fulgham -> RBs. I’m assuming Zach Ertz is out the door before the season begins.

Smith might be going around in the 7th/8th round near guys like Deebo Samuel, Will Fuller, Curtis Samuel, Brandin Cooks, and Marquise Brown.

I’m always going to bet on technicians when it comes to the WR position, and at this price as the WR1 on his team, I’ll be buying.