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Mike Evans is that dude, and he’s capable of being a high-end WR1, but it’s just not going to happen as the Bucs roster currently stands.

He’s currently being drafted as the WR14 in the 4th round, which isn’t ridiculously high, but he’s still being drafted ahead of guys like CeeDee Lamb and Julio Jones, who I think have higher floors and ceilings. Can he finish as the WR14? Yeah, of course… but I would expect a ton of inconsistency.

The targets might be there in certain games, but he’s going to be extremely TD dependent. He’s an end zone beast, so it can work and it has, but I like to depend on volume more than hoping for TDs when it comes to my fantasy WRs.

He had 3 or less receptions in 50% of his games last year, including the playoffs.

His Week 16 Fantasy Championship explosion against Detroit will have Evans carving out a special place in many fantasy player’s hearts, but he could’ve easily played the Lions any other week.

Are you still ok with the variance as long as he wins you some weeks?