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Jerry Jeudy is an autopick based on where he’s going in drafts – too much upside to pass up.

He’s being drafted as a borderline WR3 in the 8th round of 12-team PPR leagues, where I believe his absolute floor lies. The QB questions and usage with Courtland Sutton’s return is where Jeudy’s risk lies, but it’s already baked into his price.

Jeudy came into the league as one of the best route running rookies, and has already made his name as one of the best route runners in the league after one year.

Separation is the name of the game, and Teddy Bridgewater seems to be a perfect match for his skillset in terms of finding him when he gets open.

I had a feeling that Bridgewater was going to be a better fit for Jeudy when he was brought in, and it seems like it’s manifesting in a big way in OTAs, as all reports are indicating a serious rapport between Teddy and Jeudy.

Whether Bridgewater starts in Week 1 or not, as long as the QB competition is active, I’ll be taking the shot on Jeudy with the hopes that Bridgewater is the guy for most of the season.

Drew Lock and Courtland Sutton seem like the better match, given Lock’s accuracy issues and Sutton’s contested catch ability and wingspan.

Last year, Lock was Jeudy’s biggest problem. You can talk about drops all you want, but it simply doesn’t matter for fantasy as long as the volume is there.

Per PFF, Jeudy had the most uncatchable targets, and had the highest percentage of targets incomplete to him because to his QB.

Bridgewater doesn’t possess downfield upside, but we saw how easily he was able to find guys like Robby Anderson last year. Anderson, DJ Moore, and Curtis Samuel all were able to find the ball from their QB, despite the fact that their QB prevented the big-play upside.

I also want to remind you of the type of prospect Jeudy was – he broke out at 19 and was drafted in the 1st round – two extremely indicative data points of having future success as a top-24 WR.

The QB situation isn’t perfect, but with the rapport building between Jeudy and Teddy, I’ll be taking my shot at Jeudy consistently giving me WR2 finishes, especially since I’ll be able to get him 7th round or later.