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Brian Schottenheimer kept Russell Wilson and Co. from reach their true ceiling. Wilson has the ability and ceiling to be the overall QB1, but play calling and non-creative play designs in the pass game kept this offense from balling out all year long.

Bring in new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron, who’s coming from the Rams and the Sean McVay coaching tree.

We know that McVay is a true innovator, and is the model around the modern NFL offense. Play-action. Pre-snap motion. Shifts. Bunch formations. Screens.

That is the OPPOSITE of Brian Schottenheimer’s offense, who has finally parted ways with the Seahawks. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a minute now.

Waldron is going to bring at least some of these concepts over to Seattle, and the skill players can’t hold back their enthusiasm, despite the Seahawks trying to be as tight-lipped about it as possible.

Russell Wilson called this new offense “super complex.” That’s a good thing. I talked about this in the past, and DK Metcalf confirmed it this past off-season in an interview: the Seahawks WRs were just running deep on every play, and teams figured it out. Once they did, Schotty couldn’t adjust. The offense imploded.

DK Metcalf called this new offense “intricate.”

Tyler Lockett called it “brilliant.” Words I would not use to describe Schotty’s offense. Lockett expanded on that, saying that there is “more freedom to be the receivers we can be.” Lockett is referring to his near-elite route running, and I’m sure he’s excited to display his diverse skillset.

Will Dissly also revealed that this will be an “uptempo offense.” Seattle was 23rd in the league in plays/game, so that coming up will obviously increase fantasy output. If you’re wondering, the Rams were 5th in plays/game last year.

With this new change in Seattle, I’m all in on the offense. Lockett is a great value at his price in the 5th round, and I’m happy taking Metcalf as a WR1. With more creativity, it will lead to less stagnation. Keep an eye on Russell Wilson dropping to the 6th round as well. Can’t forget Gerald Everett very late in drafts, either.

Are you making it a point to get pieces of this Seahawks offense?