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Yes, he’s not too involved in the pass game. Yes, Kareem Hunt is in for plenty of snaps.

But Nick Chubb is currently in the perfect storm.

He’s an elite runner. In my opinion, the best pure runner in the NFL.

He has an elite offensive line. Probably the best run blocking line in the NFL.

He’s currently in the most run-heavy offense for RBs, and happens to be in the best run scheme in the NFL for RBs.

The Browns’ offense is built around Nick Chubb.

I can list out all the stats that prove that Chubb is the best at what he does. And he’s at the top of many lists. But that’s not the point. You know that already.

He’s in a situation that doesn’t happen often, and it’s why it’s ok to draft him as a low-end RB1.