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Marquez Callaway can be the hidden gem in the rough that is the Saints offense.

The Saints offense is messy. It’s ambiguous. We don’t know who’s starting at quarterback, who’s going to be behind Kamara in targets, or how exactly the team will be using their players this season (in this case, something extremely dependent on starting QB).

In general, we tend to overestimate our ability to project out player usage in ambiguous situations.

The market is assuming that targets behind Kamara are going to be eaten up by Adam Trautman and Tre’Quan Smith, but is that really the case?

With Michael Thomas out and Tre’Quan sidelines at practice, Calloway has been standing out as the alpha wide receiver at camp. Labeled as the “breakout star”, reports from beat writers are coming back that there is a belief inside the Saints organization that the offense will be fine without MT, citing Callaway’s progress at his position.

We know the targets after Kamara are up for grabs, but yet there are two other pass catchers who cost significantly more draft capital with just as much uncertainty.  Callaway is a sophomore UDFA who showed serious talent with the ball in his hands. A natural play maker, he averaged 21.2 yards per catch and had a 20% touchdown rate (on thirty receptions).

With a path to immediate contribution, Callaway looks to redefine the odds yet again after making the roster last season with no training camp or reps with the team.

We have absolutely no idea how this offense is going to play out. If you’re going to take a shot in the ambiguous passing offense, take it on the cheapest playmaker.   

This piece is more applicable to deeper leagues, where as in your normal 10 team league most Saint’s pass catchers sans Kamara are basically free in drafts… but pay attention to Callaway on your waiver wire.

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