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Damien Harris is the clear starter for the Patriots, but he looks more to be the 1a in a 3-man rotation between him, Sony Michel, and James White.

I mean, it’s kinda what the Patriots do.

In the Patriots’ second preseason game, here was the snap distribution between the three with the first team:

Harris 47%
White 29.4%
Michel 23.5%

When Michel came into the game, you were hoping it was because Harris’ night was done, but he rotated back in after several snaps.

James White getting a couple of snaps on early downs doesn’t do anything good for Harris, either. Michel was also being used in the pass game in a very intentional manner, which was a bit of a surprise.

While Harris’ ADP isn’t high, some are reaching for him because of the lack of RBs in the middle rounds. If you can get him in the 7th or 8th round when you’re in need of a RB, sure, but don’t expect a huge jump in his role.

There are positives for Harris; he has a great offensive line, and he’s on a run-heavy offense. There’s a chance he starts to separate himself as the year goes on, but it looks like Michel has done enough to earn a spot in the rotation. Beat reporters are saying Michel is having the best camp of his career, and it seems like he’s being rewarded for it.

The depth behind these three is pretty good with Rhamondre Stevenson and J.J. Taylor, so there’s a chance that even with an injury, a rotation stays in place.

Harris is still solid depth on most teams, but I’m not sure he classifies as an upside pick.