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Myles Gaskin was the lead back for the Dolphins in their second preseason game after he played second fiddle to Malcolm Brown in the first preseason game.

Here was the snap counts with the first team offense in Week 2:

Myles Gaskin 51%
Salvon Ahmed 35%
Malcolm Brown 14%

Gaskin didn’t play less than 60% of snaps in any game last year.

Gaskin looked great, but keep in mind that he made those plays against the Falcons’ second string defense.

I do believe Gaskin is the most talented RB on the Dolphins’ roster, but there’s a chance that Salvon Ahmed carves a role big enough to limit Gaskin’s upside.

If you’re able to grab Gaskin in the 6th round of a PPR league, go for it. I think he will still be a solid borderline RB2/flex with RB1 weeks because of his playmaking ability. I’m not sure I can go Gaskin if some of my favorite WRs are available in the 5th. If I desperately need a RB2, I’d consider it.

It would be really nice if Malcolm Brown just went away, but he’s what I like to call a coach pleaser. He does nothing amazing, but he’s solid everywhere. It just sucks for fantasy.

I’m taking late shots on Salvon Ahmed, by the way, because a) he’s getting legit snaps with the first team b) has had a great camp by all accounts, c) can easily be the winner of a hot-hand approach in a slightly ambiguous backfield, and d) he’s free. After three drives with Tua in Week 2, he was only trailing Gaskin by 3 snaps (16-13).

Are you targeting Myles Gaskin, or is he a pass for you?