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You’ve been hearing it all year, but I want to break it down for you.

Kyle Pitts had a ridiculous year, and should be drafted as a stud in 2022.

Pitts wasn’t the most amazing fantasy asset in 2021, but if he scored some TDs, he would’ve made a lot of us very happy given he went over 1000 yards. TDs aren’t a sticky stat, so we can easily see those TDs increase going forward due to positive regression.

Thanks to PFF for the following stats.

He was 3rd in yards per route run among all rookie WRs and TEs – only behind Ja’Marr Chase and Kadarius Toney.

He was obviously first in yards per route run (2.13) among TEs by a very wide margin.

With the same minimum 50 targets, he was 2nd among TEs in YPRR over the last 10 years – only behind Jordan Reed (2.21) in 2013. But when you look deeper, Pitts ran more than double the amount of routes Reed did in his rookie year.

Only two TEs have ever out-targeted Pitts in a season – Jeremy Shockey in 2002 and Evan Engram in 2017.

He was also 4th among all TEs in YPRR this year – only behind George Kittle, Dallas Goedert, and Mark Andrews.

His average depth of target (11.3) was 1st among all TEs this year – downfield targets are worth more, and that’s not something we’re used to at the position. He’s one of only five TEs this season to have two receiving plays of over 40 yards, and he was 1st among all TEs in yards/reception.

Pitts getting the Julio Jones treatment in terms of TD passes, but that should regress positively.

Mark Andrews had a ridiculous 40 red zone targets this year, but 2nd on the list had 25. Pitts had 22, so nothing to scoff at.

While I might not bite on a very early price tag for Pitts in 2022, he can see a big enough leap to justify it.

What round would you draft Pitts in 2022?